None of us will ever forget the strangely paralyzing palpitation which overcame us after hearing about the outcome of the last US Presidential election. After the unforeseeable Brexit vote we luckily avoided a ultra-right-wing president in Austria, a government led by Geerd Wilders in the Netherlands and now the unimaginable Frexit which would have destroyed the vision of a strong, free and unified Europe in which we were hoping our kids would grow up. Certainly there are many things we could improve in the EU right now: less bureaucracy, more transparency, better communications and solidarity between the European nations ... but to fall back into single national states, potentially in conflict with one another, cannot be the solution.

Some people suggest that maybe it would not be so bad to break the EU up and start a new union, maybe smaller, without the mistakes which have undoubtedly been made; but as tempting as it might sound „to start from scratch“, we just don’t have the time for that (it would take decades!). Dramatic climate change needs to be tackled right away, and the refugee crisis was obviously not created by Mrs Merkel but by the horrible situations in the Middle East and in major parts of the African continent. These two catastrophes are in very real terms threatening not only our own well-being but the whole of life as we know it on our planet. Instead of wasting all the energy required to guide to be spent in guiding Great Britain into its desired „freedom“ and later renegotiating all these trade deals and arrangements between every single country, we should - no, we MUST - jump into finding global solutions immediately.

What really scares me to the bones is that none of the three superpowers are taking the lead in these threatening dilemmas - it is up to Europe to do so lead in and saveing the world, as pompous as this might sound, but instead it is about to annihilate itself. Each of us was fully aware of his or her own insignificance, but by all coming together and making a strong stand for a free and responsible Europe (and subsequently world), we are hoping to sway some of the undecided people away from the populists' views and change the faith of our beloved continent.

As a consequence we have created Musicians4UnitedEurope which has started „just“ as another facebook group but has gained since its start end of March great momentum; up to already almost 2500 members we are planning on performing benefit concerts and making public statements declaring our passion for Europe, telling our very own European story and making the point that the so-called „cultural identity“ which so many people are afraid of losing is something to be acquired and enriched by learning about other countries and cultures. Nobody should force us to deny our origin, but if we limit ourselves to it we will simply dry out spiritually as well as culturally - and who would want that?!